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Fresh Food For All: Farm Fresh Markets.

Giving Farm-To-Table A New Meaning.

Farm Fresh Markets is the first sustainable fresh market in the U.S. with an onsite vertical farm to increase access to produce for food desert communities.

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“I never thought I could afford fresh produce until I found out about Farm Fresh Markets.”

Robert Lee, Watts, CA

Farm Fresh Market

Increased access to produce.

Our vertical farm increases access to fresh, nutrient dense produce for marginalized communities while simultaneously being environmentally sustainable.

“Its easier to find a soda than an apple in my community.”

Marvin Henderson, Oakland, CA

Increased access to produce

Sustainable fresh produce.

From farm to table, we prioritize sustainable sourcing and production to offer the freshest, nutrient dense produce to our customers.

“The vertical farm could help so many students on campus.”

Ari Greene, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

Sustainable fresh produce

Community support.

We prioritize community support by working with local farmers and providing educational programs like cooking demos, workshops, and farm tours.

“In higher academia, we're taught to find creative solutions to complex issues. Farm Fresh Markets has designed a model that will inevitably benefit so many communities.”

John Bennett, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

Community support

"Having access to fresh, quality produce has been hard to find in my neighboorhood, Farm Fresh Markets can really change that."

Jasmine Baker, Los Angeles, CA
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Sheyna Burns

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