Library of Lives

An innovative way to digitally curate your life.

Imagine if you could listen to your ancestors from the far distant past talk about their lives and times. Now you can tell your story and have it kept safe forever by simply uploading your life as you live it. It’s called The Library of Lives.

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Sophia Barander

“This is an amazing way to store and share our life's memories.”

Sophia Barander

Library of Lives

Create a living memory.

You’ll have access to your own pages where, whenever you like, you can record and upload both the small and the precious moments in your life. Pictures, music, the books you love, your views and observations or thoughts, record your grandchildren, give your reactions to the news of the day - in fact, anything relevant to your life. It is your story, your history, and The Library of Lives gives you the ability to share it with your family and others, generations in the future.

Feature Review

Dean Miles

Create a living memory

Share your memories.

Your page can be accessed online or via your very own personal Blue Plaque, a living touchstone, left as a gift for those to come. Scan this and your whole life come to life.

Share your memories

With your own unique pages in the Library of Lives, you can share your life story or simply relive it with friends and family, near and far, today and in the future. It’s like having your own personal Wikipedia page but brought to life.

Create a living memory. A digital handprint that’s there forever.

Secure within the pages of The Library of Lives will be your own digital handprint. The Library of Lives is the perfect tool for someone who wants to be remembered by future generations but doesn't have time (or inclination) to write their memoirs themselves.

Create a living memory. A digital handprint that’s there forever

"I can now easily relive and share moments with those who I care about."

Ellie Mings

Be remembered forever.

“Immortality is only one click away”