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Unleash the Power of Your Mind and Change Your Life.

Transform your life and finally make it the one you have always wanted. When you live daily from your "best self", you can be a force for self-transformation and become a nidus for inspired change in your spheres of influence, together co-creating the world you want to see. MindForce is a life-skills program developed by Dr. Cynthia Turner-Graham, building on her 30+ years of psychiatric practice and observation of deteriorating civility, care and mutual concern among fellow American and world citizens. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch!

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Build mental resilience.

Develop the mental strength and resilience to take on any challenge. Learn how to reframe and handle difficult emotions with MindForce.

Build mental resilience

Visualize success.

Use MindForce to guide you to success by learning visualization techniques, the benefits of mindfulness meditation practice and developing a winning mindset. With these tools, peace within and peace between those you care about can be successfully cultivated. These are necessary to build "beloved communities" envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Its construction is yet incomplete and will require the collective, determined effort of committed, disciplined and sound-minded individuals.

Visualize success


How can I access MindForce?

Currently, MindForce is expanding its capacity; stay tuned for updates on ways to cultivate the transformative skills available through MindForce.

How can I acquire these skills?

Various learning modalities will be available, and you will be able to choose which works best for you.

Join a community of visionaries who believe a more harmonious world is within our reach. Join MindForce.