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Mitra9 Tropical Kratom Seltzer

Discover the natural benefits of Mitra9's Tropical Kratom Seltzer.

Refreshing taste with natural wellness benefits of kratom, perfect for a tropical escape. Now available from Vesper Wine & Beverages.

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Morgan Goodtree

“I have finally found a natural drink that fits my active lifestyle and helps me stay refreshed.”

Morgan Goodtree

Mitra9 Tropical Kratom Seltzer

Natural wellness drink.

Mitra9 Tropical Seltzer provides natural wellness benefits of kratom with refreshing taste. Their drinks are known to enhance your mood and make you feel good naturally...all while supporting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Natural wellness drink

Tropical refreshment.

The tropical flavor of Mitra9 Tropical Seltzer is perfect for a refreshing escape from everyday life.

Tropical refreshment

Convenient on-the-go can.

Mitra9 Tropical Kratom Seltzer is ideal for a busy lifestyle, easy to carry and ready to drink anytime, anywhere.

Convenient on-the-go can

"Mitra9 Kratom Seltzer is now a must-have in my routine, perfect for a short wellness escape."

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