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Trazit step you into the digital era with a commitment to Excellence. Today, it's all about infusing every task with top-notch Quality, delivering an experience that exceeds expectations. Quality isn't an extra; it's a foundational principle that defines success. And in this landscape, Continuous Integration is your guiding light, ensuring that every move you make, every update you implement, is orchestrated seamlessly, automated tested and tracked meticulously. It's the fusion of innovation and control that propels you forward in this dynamic journey, where Operations, Quality and Integration converge to shape a remarkable path to success.

Closing the loop

  • Define your procedure (URS)

  • Deploy your procedure

  • Validation (Automated Testing)

  • Testing Coverage Analysis

  • Users Qualification through SOPs

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<span><span style="color:#28baf1">Closing the loop</span></span>

Data management

Trazit ensures the accuracy and quality of data by providing comprehensive tracking, recording, and reporting of all lab operations and test results.

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<span><span style="color:#28baf1">Data management</span></span>

Regulatory compliance

In Trazit, keep the track about your requirements (URS), Change Controls, Manuals, SOPs. Everything in the same platform. Once you have it, deploy it and build or update the procedure repository as a mirror of your requirements, avoid other legacy systems where you should live with many features that you even not know why they are there.

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<span><span style="color:#28baf1">Regulatory compliance</span></span>

Operations Manager and Metrics

In Trazit we are really sure that you know how to perform your operation, probably this is what you do since decades ago.

Nowadays we need tools to let us get metrics, try to find the way to be more efficient to increase the capacity or even reducing costs. Get data in this way. Let the system to get the 'control deviations' any time your metrics not accomplished.

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<span><span style="color:#28baf1">Operations Manager and Metrics</span></span>
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