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Many years ago I realised that I needed to find a new way to market my recruitment and photography businesses. I discovered podcasting and decided to dive in head first - as I always do..I was so amazed with the results I never looked back! I am now a podcast junkie who consults with organisations to help them get serious business results integrating podcasting into their marketing strategy. Start your own successful podcast from scratch with my comprehensive course for podcasters. 4 recorded sessions with homework, actionable tasks and resources/templates! AU$99!

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“Darren is a great wealth of information when it comes to podcasting and getting your podcast out there in the world! His process is manageable and made it so easy to get my podcast up in no time. Darren went out of his way to share his expertise and resources and I'm so grateful for his guidance and support”

Stel Coombe-Heath

Stel Coombe-Heath (Holistic Coach)

Zero to Podcast Hero - Recorded.

Zero to Podcast Hero! Recorded. AU$99!

Learn how to start your own successful podcast from scratch. I will teach you my proven 3 “P”s of Podcasting formula (Preparation, Production, and Promotion) and all the insights gathered from over 250 episodes of my podcast journey! Done right a podcast can cut through the noise, build your brand credibility and awareness while bringing you REAL business results! This will be PRACTICAL and FUN!

Podcasts allow you to..

  • Deliver fresh and varied content to your target audience regularly

  • Build your brand and generate leads/business without actually "push" selling your product or service

  • Gain incredible access to people that you would not normally get access to!

  • Extract many forms of content from just one piece - written, audio, video, graphic, photo

  • Leverage your guest's audience thus allowing you to build your network, brand as well as attracting more podcast guests

  • Collaborate with other thought leaders/influencers and position yourself as a thought leader/authority in your field!

<span><span style="color:rgb(var(--color-secondary))">Podcasts allow you to..</span></span>

Just a hint of what we will cover..

  • Why bother starting your own podcast? Is it too late?

  • What are the best/easiest tools and tech needed?

  • How do you find a constant supply of guests?

  • How do you prepare yourself and your guests for the episode?

  • How do you produce your podcast without it taking too long?

  • How can you monetise your podcast? • How do you promote your podcast and grow your audience?

  • How can you use your podcast as a marketing content creation machine?

<span>Just a hint of what we will cover..</span>

My 3 “P”s of Podcasting - Preparation, Production and Promotion

I will teach you my proven 3 “P”s of Podcasting formula (Preparation, Production, and Promotion) and all the insights gathered from over 250 episodes of my podcast journey!

<span>My 3 “P”s of Podcasting - Preparation, Production and Promotion</span>

What you will walk away with..

At the end of this recorded course you will have gathered great understanding of how to make a podcast your brand awareness and marketing machine!

You will have a fully launched podcast in audio and video along with all the templates and resources you will need as part of your podcast workflow.

A podcast is a MUST HAVE these days for any product or service! It creates brand awareness while allowing you to generate more marketing material you could ever dream of!

<span>What you will walk away with..</span>

"I have been associated with Darren for more than a year, first as a podcast guest on 2 occasions and more recently as a trainee podcast host myself, with Darren as my teacher. I have always found Darren to be generous with his time, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly patient in all my dealing with him. Darren is the most accomplished podcaster that I know, and this notwithstanding, he is humble and helpful at all times. Without Darren it is likely that I would never have launched my own podcast. Thank you for everything Darren"

Peter Crewe-Brown
(PAIR Planning)
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Your podcast will give you both brand awareness AND marketing contact. If you have been on the fence about launching your podcast then this course is the answer!! - Me