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Your root cause health journey begins here. At Autonoma Health you get access to functional health practitioners from around you at an affordable price. Get trusted advice and answers to your nagging health concerns, discover new age therapeutics, personalised treatment diet plans nutritional advice and more.

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“Autonoma has been a game-changer for me. I've never felt more in control of my health.”

Autonoma User

Autonoma User

Autonoma Health

Connect with functional health practitioners

We make functional health accessible and affordable to everyone from the comfort of their homes. Autonoma connects you with top practitioners in their fields who share your goal of understanding the underlying causes of your health conditions.

<span>Connect with functional health practitioners</span>

Affordable care

We built this service for anyone willing to look on the both sides medicine– the western but with the eastern blended in. Our consultations are affordable, easy to start with and comprehensive. Our results are extraordinary as our doctors believe in seeing a wide range of cases, allowing them to add depth and texture to their understanding of health.

<span>Affordable care</span>

Holistic health via tele consultations

Our consultations are scheduled online. If required, follow up visits can be scheduled at practitioners location. We will integrate your appointment details for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

<span>Holistic health via tele consultations</span>

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<span>Subscribe to our functional health weekly newsletter.</span>

Discover new age therapies

Our practitioners are open to discussing and educating you on new age therapeutics from exosome therapy to Ozempic and Wegovy to restorative rocking, blepharoplasty, longevity and more.

It all begins with the first Hello 👋

<span>Discover new age therapies</span>


Allergies | Anxiety | ADHD | Poor Immunity | Diabetes | Hormone Imbalance | Weight Gain | Thyroid Conditions | Liver and Gallbladder Issues | Kidney Issues | Sexual Health | Leaky Gut Syndrome | Cancer | Immune Health | Pain Management

“Autonoma and their team helped me recover from a severe GERD issue I long suffered with. Had been to several doctors with little to no relief. Their virtual consultation offered me simple home remedies that have helped me fix my problem. A big thank you!”

Ankita Tyagi, India (Autonoma user)


"My reports always came back fine yet I didn't feel my best and knew something wasn't right. Years I struggled with gut issues and flatulence. Ever glad having someone who doesn't stop at the surface. Autonoma helped in ways many doctors were never able to.. Highly recommended!"

Vinita Seher
(Autonoma user)


What is functional health?

Simply put, functional health refers to an individual's overall health. It related to a person's ability to perform daily activities and get on and about their life with vitality and zeal. Health is a state of overall wellbeing.

Functional health however goes beyond the traditional measures like absence of disease or specific symptoms. It considers factor such as mobility, cognitive function, emotional well-being, and social interactions.

The goal is to assess and enhance a person's ability to lead a fulfilling and independent life, and any limiting factors are assessed and checked out from their source.

Functional health is by far the most comprehensive approach in patient care – a 360 view of your life.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the location our prices match much lower than the existing consultation charges in your city.

For reference purposes only:

  • If you are in the UK, average consultations are £100/hr. Autonoma charges £50-60 per consultation. We offer further discounts if you are unable to afford a tele-consultation.

  • If you are in India, average in-person consultations are ₹700 per visit. We charge between ₹250-300 per consultation.

  • If you are in the US, average consultation is $600/ hr. Our practitioners charge $200/hr

Our lower cost is testament to our approach of accessibility and affordability in healthcare. Our practitioners align with our goal of making healthcare easy for everyone.

What locations are you operational?

Following are the list of locations we are currently operating:

  • London, UK

  • New York, NY, USA

  • New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • Abu Dhabhi, UAE (coming soon)

What to expect?

After you enter your email, we email you a questionnaire requesting you to fill out your health information along with a Calendy link to schedule the consultation depending on your availability.

Once done, you receive a confirmation email along with a payment link for the consultation.

Someone from our team will be in touch throughout the process.

About the consultation: Our consultations usually last 30-45 minutes.

The doctor takes a detailed history to understand what's been bothering you. You might be suggested some follow-up tests and even be recommend supplements depending on the condition. Our doctors work hard in trying to understand you as a whole person and not just your symptoms alone. You are asked a set of questions as part of their questionnaire (different from the one you filled out initially) to further assess your concerns.

If you are satisfied with their approach you may schedule a follow up online visit.

Do you work with insurance?

Not yet but hopefully in the near future. We will keep you updated.

Are in-person consultations charged the same as online?

No. In person consultation charges depend entirely on the practitioner as they are physically allotting you a time to see you at their location. This is priced at the practitioners current hourly rate. We don't have much say over this. Rest assured our practitioners are affordable and aligned with our affordability mission.

However if you have a special request regarding pricing please write to us. We will try our best to accommodate you.

How can I send my existing reports?

In the first email received from us with the questionnaire, you will see a link to upload your medical reports.

  • For X-rays and MRI's: Position them against a well-lit surface to ensure the light passes through, allowing for clear visibility. Then attach those images to the link.

  • Upload pictures of all other reports either as scans or images (with clarity).

Start your functional health journey with Autonoma.

Thanks to Autonoma, My parents, myself, and my children have been users of the platform for a while now. Autonoma pushes its users to think of the minutest things that may be a part of their lifestyle. It then allows you to connect with the best practitioners. We love the platform! - Lillian Young

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