Redefining the Future of Workshop Design and Facilitation with AI

C5T & Company is a workshop design and facilitation studio that uses the power of people and computers working together to create exceptional experiences.

Isabella Dunne

“C5T & Company's AI + HI Flow approach reinvents the notion of professional development.”

Isabella Dunne


Unparalleled workshops

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI)-powered approach delivers exceptional workshop experiences and outcomes tailored to your needs and objectives.
Unparalleled workshops

Seamless facilitation

FacilitateAIº is an innovative method that creates seamless facilitation between Humans, Artificial Intelligence, and robots.
Seamless facilitation

Customized workshop design

Using the power of computers and people thinking together is a unique, data-driven approach to workshop design that ensures a customized and effective experience for every participant.
<span>Customized workshop design</span>

"I've never seen anything like it. The workshops with the FacilitateAIº flow sparked creativity and new ideas."

Luke Barander
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Redefine your workshop experience with FacilitateAIº.