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“With HANK, unleash the drafting Beast!”

Dr. Benjamin DELSOL

Dr. Benjamin DELSOL


Augmented Patent Application Drafting

Your computer, Your experience, Your set of Claims


Hank is the future of patent drafting, powered by LOCAL cutting-edge AI on YOUR computer.

Keep your data SAFE and fully confidential, no need to be connected to the internet, Hank has your back!


Save time and effort

It takes at least 50% less time to draft a patent application.

You focus on your brain juice and let Hank take care of the legwork.

Save time and effort

Fully customizable

Hank can be customized according to:

  • Disclosure of the invention 

  • Patent attorney's drafting preferences 

  • Jurisdictional requirements 

  • Technical field of the invention 

  • Client's specific field

<span>Fully customizable</span>

Your Claims - Your Draft

Hank goes from the disclosure of the invention and YOUR set of claims to a drafted patent application! 

Then, just apply your experience, the fruits of several years of practice and improve the augmented draft!

<span>Your Claims - Your Draft</span>

"HANK seamlessly translates my set of claims into a patent application tailored to my unique preferences, technical field, and jurisdictional nuances, sufficiently well drafted to gain time but not enough to erase the need for my touch, the fruit of several years of experience."

Dr. Benjamin DELSOL


What is HANK?

HANK is not just software; it's your personal patent drafting virtuoso, residing right on your local machine. Born from a blend of adversity, innovation, and love, HANK is the brainchild of a quest to redefine productivity and creativity in IP law practice. It stands as a testament to the power of artificial intelligence, meticulously crafted to enhance the patent drafting process while safeguarding your invaluable experience for drafting patent applications, with utmost confidentiality.

How does HANK Work?

Imagine having a drafting partner who understands not just the letter, but the spirit of your practice. HANK is powered by sophisticated AI tailored to comprehend your unique drafting preferences, the intricate details of the invention disclosure, and the nuanced requirements of various jurisdictions. It delights in the heavy lifting, translating disclosures and claims into full-fledged patent applications, thereby freeing you to channel your expertise where it matters most.

What are HANK's Key Features?
  • Local & Confidential: HANK runs on your computer, disconnected from the vulnerabilities of the internet. Your data, your drafts, and your strategic inputs remain securely yours.  

  • Simplicity: With HANK, you just have to prepare a template with the information you have regarding the invention and with your set of claims, then HANK will do the legwork and provide you with a draft of the patent application.  

  • Human-Centric Design: Purposefully designed with room for your expertise to shine, HANK ensures the invaluable human touch remains central to the patent drafting process.  

  • Time Efficiency: With HANK, drafting patent applications becomes up to 50% faster, offering you the gift of time to focus on strategic considerations and client relations.  

  • Customization: HANK can be fully adapted to you - your drafting style, technical specialty, and jurisdictional nuances: Our AI team is here to make any modifications that could improve your experience and practice.  

What is the Story behind HANK?

Our journey to HANK began in the crucible of personal challenges - a victory against cancer and a relentless drive to continue making a difference. In these moments, the seeds for HANK were sown by my brilliant wife, a beacon of innovation and dedication. With her expertise in AI and software development, coupled with my passion and expertise in patent drafting, HANK was born - a tool conceived in love, engineered for excellence, and designed to carry forward the torch of innovation securely and efficiently.

Get Started with HANK and Unleash the Drafting Beast.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

HANK is more than a tool; it's a movement towards redefining the landscape of patent law practice.

As we continue to refine and expand our set of AI tools, including a visionary patentability assessment tool currently under development, we invite you to become a part of this transformative journey. To contact us, just contact me on LinkedIn or send us an e-mail: [email protected].

Use HANK every day in your daily practice, and let's collectively usher in a new era of innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled intellectual property stewardship.

Here's to a future forged in innovation and safeguarded by the most brilliant minds, empowered by HANK.

Dr. Benjamin DELSOL

First User - Patent Attorney & IP Strategist - Founder