linux for windows users!

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Maria Adamson

“I was nervous about switching, but linuxdigital made it a breeze!”

Maria Adamson

Linux Digital

Feel @ home

The look and functionality of Windows, so you feel right at home.
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Ella Pickleton

Feel @ home

Smooth transition

Our tips and tricks help you navigate your new operating system with ease. Say goodbye to the frustration and confusion of transition.
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Dean Pickleton

Smooth transition

Better performance

With linuxdigital, built from KDE and Fedora, you'll experience better performance and security than on Windows. Our guides also show you how to maximize your system's performance.
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Kyle Riley

Better performance


OBS Studio - VLC - GDrive - OnlyOffice - Google - Chrome - VS Code
How much does it cost?
Free and Open Source:
Who is this for?
For windows users who want more performance and security
What makes this different?
Nothing! familiarity and easy of use for windows users
2x1 cpu core (1Gz), 512 MB RAM, 5 GB disk

Continue to work as normal, with Linux

Our distro, or rpms, customize KDE and Fedora to closely mimic the look and functionality of Windows, so you feel right at home.

António Paulo Santos | [email protected]


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