Mixo Makes GDPR Compliance Simple.

All Mixo sites include features to cover GDPR requirements and allow you to add cookie consent models, generate privacy policies and opt-in checkboxes.

Mixo Makes GDPR Compliance Simple

GDPR compliance in seconds

GDPR made easy

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. And non-compliance could cost companies dearly. Mixo makes it easy to comply with GDPR.

Cookie consent models
Block all cookies and tracking scripts until the visitor has given their consent.
Privacy policy generator
Generate a privacy policy for your website with just a few clicks.
Opt-in checkboxes
Add opt-in checkboxes to your forms to ensure that your visitors give their consent.
Easy setup
Just check a few checkboxes. No code required. Directly works with our integrations.
All Mixo sites come GDPR ready. No additional work required.
Visitors can revoke their consent
Visitors can revoke their consent directly through the footer of your website. No additional workload for your team.

Ensure Compliance and Trust

GDPR Compliance Made Effortless with Mixo

Mixo helps you adhere to GDPR requirements effortlessly, providing tools like cookie consent modals, email collection checkboxes, a privacy policy creator, and secure content storage. Keep your site compliant and your user’s data protected.

GDPR Compliance Made Effortless with Mixo

Navigating the complexities of GDPR can be daunting for any business owner. With Mixo, you gain access to built-in features designed to manage compliance without the hassle. From collecting user consent to safely storing data, Mixo equips you with the necessary tools to protect both your business and your customers' privacy.

  • Cookie Consent Modal Automatically display a cookie consent modal to your visitors, ensuring transparency and obtaining necessary user consent before tracking any data.
  • Email Collection Compliance Include a GDPR-compliant checkbox on your email collection forms to obtain clear consent from users before gathering their information.
  • Privacy Policy Generator Easily create a customized privacy policy with our guided tool, tailored to your specific business needs and compliance requirements.
  • Secure Data Storage Rest assured that all collected data is stored securely on Mixo’s servers, protecting it from unauthorized access and breaches.

The Challenge of Staying Compliant

In today’s digital landscape, adhering to GDPR is crucial but complex. Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and loss of consumer trust. Mixo’s compliance features are designed to eliminate the guesswork and streamline the process.

Mixo's Comprehensive GDPR Tools

By leveraging Mixo’s array of compliance tools, you can focus more on running your business and less on the intricacies of GDPR regulations. Our platform ensures you’re equipped with all necessary features to maintain compliance effortlessly and efficiently.


“I love the simplicity of Mixo. What a great use case for AI. This will definitely help a lot of entrepreneurs get the pains of landing pages out of the way to focus on other priorities.”

Jimil Patel
Jimil Patel
(Mixo customer via TrustPilot)


What is GDPR and why is it important for my website?
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU). It's important for your website to comply with GDPR to avoid hefty fines and to build trust with your audience by ensuring their personal data is handled securely and legally.
How does Mixo help ensure my website is GDPR compliant?
Mixo provides built-in features to help your website become GDPR compliant, such as cookie consent models, easy-to-implement privacy policies, and opt-in checkboxes for forms, ensuring that you're obtaining consent in a lawful manner.
Can I customize the GDPR features on my Mixo site?
Yes, Mixo allows you to customize GDPR-related elements such as the cookie consent banner and the privacy policy to fit the particular needs of your website and compliance requirements.
What is a cookie consent banner and how do I add it to my Mixo site?
A cookie consent banner informs visitors of your use of cookies on your website and asks for their permission to collect data. You can easily add and customize a cookie consent banner on your Mixo site from the GDPR features settings in the editor.
Do I need to have a privacy policy on my site?
Yes, having a privacy policy is a legal requirement under GDPR if you collect or process personal data from EU citizens. Mixo offers a privacy policy generator to help you easily create and integrate a compliant policy into your website.
How can visitors revoke their consent on my Mixo site?
Visitors can revoke their consent directly through the cookie consent banner settings on your website, which Mixo allows you to provide as part of GDPR compliance features.
Does GDPR only apply to websites in the EU?
No, GDPR applies to any organization, regardless of location, that processes personal data of individuals in the EU. If your website can potentially reach EU citizens, it should comply with GDPR.

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