Sites ready to rank on Google from day one.

Mixo's SEO features are designed to help your website rank higher on search engines, drive organic traffic, and increase engagement.

Sites ready to rank on Google from day one

Optimized for Top Performance

Boost Your Search Visibility

Mixo's built-in SEO best practices such as meta tags and schema markups present site content in the most optimized form. Mixo's SEO features are crucial as they help improve the visibility and ranking of your website on search engines, thereby driving organic traffic and increasing engagement. By optimizing your site with the right keywords and content, you enhance its discoverability, making it easier for your target audience to find you online.

Meta Tags Editing
Easily add and edit meta titles and descriptions to strengthen SEO.
Mobile-First Design
Responsive layouts that ensure your site performs well on mobile devices, a key ranking factor for Google.
Fast Loading Speeds
Optimized code and image sizes for faster page loading, crucial for both SEO and user experience.
Google Analytics Integration
Connect your site effortlessly with Google Analytics to track engagement and refine your SEO strategies.
Sitemap Generation
Automatic generation of sitemap.xml, helping Google to better crawl and index your pages.
Alt Tags for Images
Add alt tags to images, improving accessibility and SEO as search engines index images too.

Optimized from the Start

Kickstart Your Online Presence with Seamless SEO

Mixo takes the complexity out of SEO, setting up your site for visibility from day one. Focus on growing your online presence while we ensure your SEO foundations are rock-solid.

Kickstart Your Online Presence with Seamless SEO

Establishing a robust online presence starts with effective search engine optimization. Mixo eliminates the technical barriers to SEO, automating the setup process so you can concentrate on what matters most—building and scaling your online visibility.

  • Automated SEO Setup Mixo handles the initial SEO configuration for your site, automating tasks like meta tags, alt texts, and more to boost your search engine ranking.
  • Fast-Loading Pages Speed is a key factor in SEO. Mixo optimizes your site’s loading times, enhancing user experience and contributing to better search rankings.
  • Mobile Optimization With Mixo, your site is automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience for all users and improving mobile search rankings.
  • Continuous SEO Updates As SEO best practices evolve, so does Mixo. We continuously update your site to align with the latest SEO guidelines, keeping you ahead of the curve.

The Challenge of SEO

SEO can be complex and time-consuming, involving endless tweaks and updates to stay competitive. Without it, your site risks being invisible in search results, limiting your reach and growth potential.

Mixo Simplifies SEO

Let Mixo take the SEO helm, automating the necessary adjustments and updates to ensure your site meets the latest standards. Spend less time worrying about SEO and more time engaging with your audience and expanding your content.


“I love the simplicity of Mixo. What a great use case for AI. This will definitely help a lot of entrepreneurs get the pains of landing pages out of the way to focus on other priorities.”

Jimil Patel
Jimil Patel
(Mixo customer via TrustPilot)


How does Mixo help improve the SEO of my website?
Mixo incorporates a range of SEO-friendly features automatically, such as responsive design for mobile and desktop, fast loading times, and SEO-optimized HTML structures. Additionally, it enables easy customization of meta tags, alt text for images, and provides automated sitemap generation.
Can I edit my website’s meta descriptions and titles on Mixo?
Yes, Mixo allows you to customize your website’s meta titles and descriptions easily through the site editor, which helps improve your website's SEO rankings by making it more relevant to user searches.
Does Mixo support Google Analytics integration?
Yes, Mixo supports integration with Google Analytics. You can easily link your Google Analytics account to monitor and analyze your website traffic, which helps in making data-driven decisions to optimize your SEO.
How long will it take to see improvements in my SEO after using Mixo?
SEO improvements can vary based on numerous factors including industry competition, existing website authority, and the quality of the content. Generally, it may take a few months to see significant changes in your search engine rankings after implementing SEO best practices.
Can I create SEO-friendly URLs with Mixo?
Yes, Mixo allows you to customize your URLs to be descriptive and keyword-rich, which is an important factor in SEO. This feature is accessible within the site settings of the editor.
Does Mixo provide guidance on SEO best practices?
Yes, Mixo offers resources and guides on SEO best practices to help you optimize your website for search engines. Additionally, the platform incorporates SEO features that align with industry standards to improve your website’s visibility.

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“ I was creating many websites before using Wordpress and Joomla. Nothing was as fast as Mixo. The help with AI, the templates and automated guess what is good to present the brand is awesome. ” - Alexander Horvath