Don't Build, Validate: How Validating Your Idea Could Save You $200k

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Getting your startup app off the ground can be quite a financial undertaking. Industry estimates put the cost of developing a simple app at around $25,000. More complex apps can easily cost upwards of $200,000. Instead of risking such substantial monetary resources at the outset, why not validate your concept first? A simple and powerful route of validation towards which startups are increasingly gravitating is creating a landing page.

The Four-Step Idea Validation Plan

Make A Landing Page: An ideal starting point is creating a landing page—a standalone webpage designed to receive specifically targeted traffic. Consider leveraging a user-friendly platform like Mixo to speed up this process. Key elements your page should have include an engaging headline, a short description explicating your product or service, and a well-thought-out call-to-action (CTA).

Include A Data Collection Point: With the landing page set up, the next step is to have an avenue through which you can collect visitor data. A form field requesting visitors' emails to receive updates about your product is a good way to go about it. Such a compilation can provide a somewhat direct measure of interest about your concept. Mixo offers form functionality as a built-in feature.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page: With your landing page completed and a way to collect data set up, getting people to visit this page becomes the next thing. You can get the word out about your page via targeted ads on platforms like Google and LinkedIn or through organic social media posts. This step is all about affirming a market presence for your idea, so a spiraling visitor count is not the primary goal.

This isn't about generating leads; it's about validating your concept, so a reasonable amount of traffic will do.

The Analysing Phase

Measure & Analyse: With your landing page set up and driving traffic, you're all set to initiate the analysis phase. Deploying tools like Google Analytics enables an understanding of your visitor base. Key metrics to peruse include conversion rate, count of visitors, and interactions with your CTA. These metrics offer a datable validation (or a recalibration point) for your idea.

Doing all of this within 24 hours may seem daunting, but with the right tools and guidance, it's entirely possible. Verifying the potential success of your idea before investing significant chunks of time and money helps in mitigating risk, focusing the proposition, and refining your target demographics. It gives you a 'fail fast or pivot' opportunity at a tremendously less costly stage of the startup cycle.

Remember, Validation doesn't debar failure – it merely limits its costs. Optimal checks and balances pave the path for finding market exploits quickly and efficiently. If your landing pages do not resonate with your target audience, take time to reassess. Pivot if necessary. Measure your response, analyze it, and repeat the process.

"Validation is the key to successful swiftness - Saving not just almost everything, but specifically your STEM- funds(Time, Energy, and Money)!"

Refining and Repeating

Continuously refine your landing page based on feedback and the data your analytics tool provides. Introspect on user interactions, device usage patterns, time spent, among other things. Using such intel, determine navigations that lead to higher engagement and why some other paths seem off-putting or less compelling to visitors. Landing pages are inherently flexible. Use them to refine your concept, iterate designs, experiment with different messaging tones—all in a cost-efficient manner.

At times, the initial concept you set out with does not stick. Market needs are fluid, and agility boosts survival odds. An open mindset ready to pivot upon looking at obtainable conversion data can save you valuable resources—money, time, and effort—better employed elsewhere.

The entrepreneur journey is a marathon, not a sprint. From your product idea, app development, market entrance, to sustainability and growth—there are incredible challenges and rewarding peaks. Ensuring every step gets its due attention nurtures the likelihood of survival and success. It's also crucial to remember: 'Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.' Failing and revising are better and cheaper lessons learned early and adequately conceptualized.

'Better a brief spell of discomfort than a costly misstep.'

Ultimately, startup success boils down to one's ability to learn, pivot and persistently move forward. Utilizing landing pages for idea validation can provide quick, cost-effective insight into your startup’s potential. And who knows — it might just be the wise startup strategy that saves you a cool $200k.

Adam Arbolino
Adam Arbolino

Mixo Co-founder

AI aficionado, growth hacking hotshot, and startup savant turning 'aha' moments in the bath into growth ideas for startups.

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