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Building a website traditionally often requires time, technical knowledge, and substantial investment. This can be quite overwhelming for many. That`s why we created NewView - an automated, user-friendly solution that allows you to efficiently create and launch stunning websites without the need for coding expertise or a significant budget.

Launch sites effortlessly.

With just a brief description of your idea, Mixo uses AI to generate your website in seconds. Start collecting subscribers with stunning landing pages that require no code or design. Get started with a built-in email waiting list plus everything you need to launch, grow and test your ideas.

“Mixo's the smartest way to create a website. It's simply mind-blowing.”

Alexandra Allen

Alexandra Allen

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Connect with customers.

Mixo takes the pain out of customizing your site and validating your product ideas. Connect with your customers via email, surveys or interviews. It's great for pre-launching products , gathering insights, building waiting lists, running beta testing programs or just validating new product ideas.

“The product and customer support is fantastic. It's refreshing to use a website that actually cares about its customers.”

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Jacqui Dixon

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Grow your audience.

With integrated subscriber management tools , you can create lasting connections with your audience. You can then export subscribers into marketing platforms or track deeper stats with Google Analytics.

“It was so exciting to see so many customers sign up to my product. I always felt like my idea had potential, but having them sign up made it real.”

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Rebecca Herdis

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Big Numbers.

A few reasons why entrepreneurs, creators and our awesome partners love Mixo!

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Trusted by over 550,000 of the most innovative creators in the world.

Mixo is the trusted, easy-to-use platform chosen by everyone from solo entrepreneurs to employees at Fortune 500 companies for its reliability, quality, and cutting-edge features.


“I love the simplicity of Mixo. What a great use case for AI. This will definitely help a lot of entrepreneurs get the pains of landing pages out of the way to focus on other priorities.”

Jimil Patel
Jimil Patel
(Mixo customer via TrustPilot)

With NewView, creating a website with AI has never been quicker, easier, or more affordable.

I was able to create an amazing website within five minutes. Everything was done for me, with just minor input from me. Truly amazing! ” - Dianne De Costa