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Dive into the world of Mixo through the voices of our users. From businesses to individuals, discover firsthand accounts of how Mixo’s intuitive AI Website Builder has transformed the website creation experience. Browse through the testimonials to gauge the effectiveness, ease of use, and satisfaction that Mixo delivers. Review 2023: The Best AI Website Builder

“For solopreneurs, budget-conscious businesses, and anyone lacking technical skills, Mixo is a game-changer. If you need a fast, affordable, and lead-generating website without the technical hassle, give Mixo a try. Their free trial lets you see for yourself how much time and money you can save.”

This site is awesome

“This site is awesome, I use it for my businesses to get exposure and credibility their customer service is great and quick to respond. Mixo.IO. Is the best!!”

Mixo is a fantastic AI website builder

“Mixo is a fantastic AI website builder. Simply tell the AI your business concept and within a matter of 1 maybe 2 minutes your website will be presented to you, with company name, narratives on what you do, customer reviews and more. From there you can easily edit any sections, change the images and away you go!”

Excellent AI Website Builder with Real Customer Support

“I was able to quickly generate a website and then customize the text and images. The recently added features Google Tag Manager, Meta Pixel and additional web pages hits the mark when you need to take action. Customer support was excellent including follow-up afterwards.”

Obviously it’s extremely quick and easy

“Obviously it's extremely quick and easy but the customer support has been fantastic. They've taken time to fix problems created by other people and I can't ask for any more than that! Thanks Mixo.”

unparalleled customer support & beyond easy to create!

“ has unparalleled customer support! Not only are their websites incredibly easy to create and maintain, but their team goes above and beyond to provide service second to none. When I was transferring my domain and ran into technical issues, their team logged in to my provider and took care of everything. Highly recommend!!!”

The Best AI Website builders

“I tried three other AI Website builders, and Mixo always came out on top. The interface is easy to understand. The template is simple to use, and customer service is fast, precise, and clear. And they offer SSL certificates. Brilliant! Every time is Mixo time!”

They made things so easy

“They made things so easy, from deploying LLMs to create website descriptions, to minimalist design and integration with domain to publish. Great example of an MVP that does one thing very well and I’m confident they will keep improving from here. The paid version is so worth it because the price point is a no brainer for the time it saves.”

Mixo has raised the bar

“I have to say that Mixo has raised the bar to create a fantastic product making high quality fully seo-able websites within very easy reach of any business. For testing and for running projects they are my go to! Well done team. I'm a fan!!!”

Great customer service and product

“Great Customer service, Giles always quick to respond to your enquiries and help out. Happy with looking forward to seeing more add ons especially for building more websites pages.” Review: How to Create a Website with AI | Is it Worth it?

“I really like the style of the website they created. If your looking for an easy landing page, this is definitely the one for you.”

Launch sites effortlessly.

With just a brief description of your idea, Mixo uses AI to generate your website in seconds. Start collecting subscribers with stunning landing pages that require no code or design. Get started with a built-in email waiting list plus everything you need to launch, grow and test your ideas.

“Mixo's the fastest way to launch a website. It's simply mind-blowing.”

Alexandra Allen

Alexandra Allen

Mixo Example Page

Connect with customers.

Mixo takes the pain out of customizing your site and validating your product ideas. Connect with your customers via email, surveys or interviews. It's great for pre-launching products , gathering insights, building waiting lists, running beta testing programs or just validating new product ideas.

“The product and customer support is fantastic. It's refreshing to use a website that actually cares about its customers.”

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Jacqui Dixon

Mixo Feedback

Grow your audience.

With integrated subscriber management tools , you can create lasting connections with your audience. You can then export subscribers into marketing platforms or track deeper stats with Google Analytics.

“It was so exciting to see so many customers sign up to my product. I always felt like my idea had potential, but having them sign up made it real.”

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Rebecca Herdis

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Big Numbers.

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Mixo is the trusted, easy-to-use platform chosen by everyone from solo entrepreneurs to employees at Fortune 500 companies for its reliability, quality, and cutting-edge features.


“I love the simplicity of Mixo. What a great use case for AI. This will definitely help a lot of entrepreneurs get the pains of landing pages out of the way to focus on other priorities.”

Jimil Patel
Jimil Patel
(Mixo customer via TrustPilot)

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“ I was creating many websites before using Wordpress and Joomla. Nothing was as fast as Mixo. The help with AI, the templates and automated guess what is good to present the brand is awesome. ” - Alexander Horvath